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Unreal Tournament CTF Map


Level Designer / Blueprinting


First Project in University inspired by Esports First Person Shooters where we had to create a Capture The Flag game mode against bots while also designing a map that promoted the fast paced gun play and gave the players multiple routes to be able to flank and evade their enemies. The project was made with Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Tournament for the assets. Level Design is what I focused the most on this project with a few unique mechanics like the anti gravity turbine and extensive Space Theme.




Sci Fi / Space Multiplayer Shooter


PC / Unreal Tournament

In Game Screenshots

Blocking Out & Meshing

Final Showcase Video


This is a wireframe showcasing the one half of the map. This wireframe shows the three distinct floors of the level and in the final version it was duplicated and attached to itself to create one large map that gives both teams a symmetrical map to balance the gameplay and not give one team a bigger advantage than the other.

Updated Map Wireframe.PNG
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