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The Writer - Interactive Story


Story Writer / Interactive Storyboarding


We were tasked with creating an interactive story using Twine where the player can choose narrative points throughout the story and these decisions would allow for the story to play out differently resulting in a different ending. I decided to write my story about a NYC Newspaper Columnists who wrote a controversial piece regarding America's Involvement in WW2 which then followed the story of this writer and his escape out of NYC to a different continent. Twine was used to set up the interactive story and the story plays out in HTML where it can be played anyone.




Fictional History - WW2 - Thriller


HTML /Twine

Interactive Story Game & Research

Presented below is initial research regarding the story of The Writer and Technical Accuracy that is important in a story such as this even if it is a fictional piece.

The Writer Story HTML File

Twine Nodes

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