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The Last of Us Part 2 Inspired Environment Scene


Environment Design


This projects aim was to take an inspiration piece such as the image below and use it to create a similar scene using Unreal Engine 5. Since The Last Of Us Part 2 is my favourite game I chose it as the inspiration piece. I took special care within my recreation to focus on the post apocalyptic segments like the tilted road signs, the rusted vehicles and overall abandoned feel. A big part to creating this scene was lighting. I created three different versions with different lighting passes and the last one was the best version which is showcased on this page. This project was a short one and we did not have too much time to work on it so the main product of it is the portrait screenshot in the style of the inspiration piece. This is definitely my favourite piece of work I have created so far thanks to the pure freedom of creating something that can be associated with The Last Of Us as well as the fact that this project is pure Design work without the need to create supporting mechanics.




Post Apocalyptic / Adventure


PC / Unreal Engine 5

In Game Screenshots

Blocking Out & Meshing


Final Piece


Final Showcase Video

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