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One Hour Environment Design Challenge


Environment Design


In my free time within my last year of University I decided to create small Environment Scenes within Unreal Engine 5 using various tools and assets. I set myself the challenge of creating each of these scenes for only 1 Hour to not spend too much time working on a single project. For me this was a great learning experience allowing me to experiment with Unreal Engines Landscaping and foliage tools as well as the rendering tools to create stylised environments. I used Megascans for assets and materials and below are the results. I learned how to use the Water plugin thanks to the Ocean Project and many of the tools that I learnt with this self created challenge I now use daily for my on going projects. This challenge taught me how I can quickly set up a scene with lighting and meshes to be able to prototype a small area. These skills are extremely important and transferrable especially for Level Design Tests and quick prototyping for a team of designers and programmers.






PC / Unreal Engine 5

In Game Screenshots

Final Showcase Video

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