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Into The Knight Garden


UI / UX Design and Animator & UI Sound Design


For my Collaborative project, I was placed in a team of 12 creating a medium sized development studio within the University consisting of designers, programmers and artists. I chose to create the User Interface for this Tower Defence Game and to create the Animations of all windows and menus within the game.

To the right is a recap of my work on this Collaborative project:

  • Conceptualised User Interface layout and art style for a 3D Tower Defence Game.

  • Mocked up and Prototyped User Interface screens for each screen of the game as well as test colour pallets and gradients to fit set theme.

  • Created over 80 Individual and Unique User Interface Assets within Photoshop for the Game as well as implemented the art into Unreal Engine using UMG to create seamless UI and UX that tied the game together with custom Animations.




Tower Defence - Medieval


PC / Unreal Engine 4

Art Assets (Only Select Few)

Research and Mock Ups

Final Showcase Video

This video shows exactly what I had worked on for this Collaborative project from every single Art Asset, to the custom animations for each button and menu. 

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