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Eternal Sword


Level Design / Environment Design / Blueprinting


"Your Home Is Threatened, Hellish Brutes Are trying to takeover, there is only one weapon that can save all, A Time Defying Weapon, The Eternal Sword!"

With a pre created Framework consisting of all of the assets and enemies needed I created a vast 3D Level making sure to follow the Metroid Vania genre closely. I also worked on creating a Time Dilating Mechanic which is the Unique Selling Point of the game alongside more mechanics that make the game fun to play. This project also focused on allowing me to create an extensive Games Design Document.




Fantasy Metroid Vania 3D Side Scroller


PC / Unreal Engine 4

Block Out & Meshing

Design Documentation

Final Showcase Videos


Eternal Sword Link To Play The Compiled Game

Eternal Sword Games Design Document

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