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Brutal Annihilation


Level Design / Blueprinting


Provided with a base framework consisting of assets and simple mechanics for the weapons, I created a level consisting of various locations and elevations to create a fun and challenging gameplay with the provided assets. This project really taught me how to create a Games Design Document in detail by carefully constructing a critical path, enemy locations, key pick ups and other various elements that would allow the player to progress.




Sci Fi / Top Down Shooter


PC / Unreal Engine 4

In Game Screenshots

Games Design Documentation

Final Showcase Videos


The GDD houses of all of the information a level designer or tech programmer may need to fully create the project discussed within the document without needing to ask further questions. The GDD offers documentation about the games critical path, enemy locations, weapon pick ups and more as well as documents like the controller mapping for a keyboard. This is my first ever try at creating an extensive document like this one.

Games Design Document for Brutal Annihilation

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