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Asteroid Hunter


Blueprinting / Visual Scripting


Asteroid Hunter is a project that focuses on pure mechanics rather than visuals. The aim of this project was to create a game that is technically solid and has no bugs while being fun to play with the idea that if the base of the game is complete, it would be easier to build future levels of greater scales. The main mechanics of Asteroid Hunter all revolve around the movement of the ship and how it feels to fly it. I wanted to create a movement system that felt realistic while also being fun for the player to control without making the ship feel too heavy or clunky.

I also focused on learning and implementing the Chaos Destruction Tool that Unreal Engine offers for destroying objects and making them into chunks. For this I had to transfer the project into Unreal Engine 5 and my main goal was to create three different asteroids that would break up into pieces when shot. This turned out to be a great challenge as I was using this tool for a purpose that it was not designed for. I did make it work in the end and the result turned out amazing.




Sci Fi / Space Flight Sim Arcade Shooter


PC / Unreal Engine 5


Final Showcase Video

Itchio Download Link For Asteroid Hunter

Asteroid Hunter is extremely difficult to run even with modern hardware because the Asteroids use the Chaos Destruction Tool to chunk up when shot. This tool is really not meant to be used for moveable objects in space or so many of them. This project could have played better if I blew them up using traditional Particle emitters allowing me to add more asteroids, make them bigger and have stable FPS. But the objective of the project was to use and learn Chaos Destruction so I had to do it this way.

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