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Staffordshire University London, Computer Games Graduate


Latest Work:

The Last of Us Part 2 Inspired Environment Scene | Unreal Engine 5 | 2022




Career Objective

I am a Staffordshire University First Class graduate with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Design and Digital Technologies Games and Visual Effects and have worked on multiple Level design projects in the past three years using mainly Unreal Engine to block out and mesh projects of different themes and would like an opportunity where I can develop my World Building skills further to enhance storylines in single player games while delivering a cinematic movie like experience to the player.

Whilst studying I have developed in depth knowledge within Unreal Engine and have researched ways to enhance gameplay by letting the player experience the story visually. I have created Cyberunner 2054, A game demo set in a futuristic dystopian city following an NCPD (Neon City Police Department) Detective.

Over the last year I have been involved in experimenting with gameplay systems and Unique gun play mechanics for First Person Shooters, Working with the Chaos Destruction Tool in UE5 and Recreating Single Frame Scenes taking inspiration from The Last Of Us and similar environments, I have also spent time working in a 15 person Dev team within the University to create a game from start to finish. My experience has given me the opportunity to pursue future projects evolved around single player story games.




Staffordshire University, Digital Institute London

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Design School of Computing and Digital Technologies Games and Visual Effects

Barnfield College, Luton

University of the Arts London Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology


Unreal Engine

Visual Scripting / Blueprinting

Level Design and Grey boxing

Environment Design

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro


Game UI / UX Design

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